Local Talent

If you catch me reading a book, it is usually non-fiction. I do deeply enjoy fiction, but the pull of fresh, new information about neuroscience, genetics, psychology, marketing, etc. is most often too strong for me to ignore. For me, nothing can replace the feel of a physical book, but my recent venture into actually using eReaders has lead me back to some old friends. Many of the all-time classics are available via services like GoodReads (goodreads.com) as they are in the public domain. My summer reading has been a romp through copyright expired works such as: H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine, The Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas, and one of my all-time favorites- Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky. I am now feeling behind on my non-fiction, so I will be leaving the realm of the imagined soon. Before I go, I had the pleasure of reading a short story by a talented local writer, Sophfronia Scott. Sophfronia is an example of the gems hidden among the hills of Newtown. Read her story “The Night Viera Kissed Her” here: http://sleetmagazine.com/selected/scott_v4n2.html


Sophronia Scott

Speaking of local talent, what a joy it was to watch the Labor Day Parade. It was my first one in Newtown, and it was very impressive. Congratulations to the organizers, participants, and the crowds for showing such great enthusiasm despite the muggy weather. I had the pleasure of watching most of it from the Booth’s front stoop, which I considered to be the best seat in the house.

On a sad note, we learned of the passing of local artist Jean Mann last Friday. Jean donated the stunning dragon boat that we have on display in the Booth. Rest in peace, Jean-



Mid-August Musings

I realize that entitling this post as being from “mid-August” is perhaps stretching it a bit. It always seems that the next month rushes upon us after the 20th of the current month tolls. Nevertheless, I have been thinking about this post since pre-mid-August, so that should count for something. 

The preview of the fall season that we received with that blast of cool air a week or so ago made me think about the library grounds. I bet that the fall leaves must crown the library in majestic splendor. The grounds at the moment are in need of some preparation for the coming season, as the bushes and so forth are getting a little unwieldy.

Just as I was having thoughts about giving the library a trim, Starlet Braden of the ecological landscaping company ‘Roots to Shoots’ appeared. Much to my delight, Starlet and her dedicated crew of workers have spent time over the last week weeding, trimming, and shaping things up. Within another week the grounds should be downright presentable. 

We thank Starlet profusely for her contribution to the public, and would direct anyone that needs landscaping assistance to get in touch with her: http://www.roots-to-shoots.com

Here is a picture of Starlet hard at work:


I know that other individuals and groups have helped us control the growth in our yard over the years, and I thank them as well. 

I have been a Rotarian for several years, and am a Past-President of the Derby/Shelton Club. If you are unfamiliar with Rotary, I think that the description that I use during my elementary school visits is most appropriate:

Rotary is a group of adults that gets together every week to eat lunch (in Newtown’s case dinner), and think about ways that we can help other people. We do things like give dictionaries to 3rd graders, cure diseases like polio around the globe, and get clean water to people who do not have it. 

I am pleased to announce that I have the honor of being accepted as a member of the Newtown Rotary Club. It is a wonderful group of people who have dedicated their lives to the service of others. Take a look at what our club is up to here: http://www.newtownctrotary.org. Our annual golf tournament is approaching quickly, so please make plans to golf or become a sponsor. We will be having a great time on September 9th at Tashua Knolls.

I hope that you enjoy the remainder of the summer, and I promise a new post as soon as I can make another break away from meetings.


We Are On A Vision Quest

ImageEvery organization needs a plan, and the Booth Library has not had one for some time. Bearing that in mind, we are embarking upon the process to create a 3-year strategic plan for the Booth. The first step is to create a vision statement:

Picture the Booth Library in 15 years. Assuming that there are no constraints (limits to time and money, etc.) in-between now and then, what would the library look like? What collections would be offered for borrowing or browsing? What services would be available? What programs would be held? What would the library look like, both physically and electronically? What staff would be employed? 

Help us answer these questions by attending one of our public focus groups:

Thursday, August 15th at 11AM

Saturday, August 24th at 10AM

Tuesday, August 27th at 7PM

A New Beginning


I am now into the 2nd month of my tenure as Director of the Booth Library. I cannot believe an entire month has gone by! I am happy to report that I have received a wonderful welcome to the community of Newtown. Our Board of Trustees is fantastic, our Friends group is legendary, and we have a great staff. We have been working very hard at doing some reorganizing inside the library, and you will soon start to see the results of our labors.

I would encourage you to like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cyrenius-H-Booth-Library/185005605009518

Follow us on Twitter: @CHBoothLibrary

Check out what I am reading: http://www.goodreads.com/shawnthelibrarian

Of course, we are happy to have you visit our website: http://www.chboothlibrary.org

-Shawn Fields